Shanidar III – A Neandertal who ate his veggies… Or at least chewed them

Last month's annual meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society hosted a talk by Amanda Henry, a graduate student at George Washington University. She analyzed the microfossils of plant material found in the dental plaque on Neandertal teeth from Shanidar, Iraq. What is dental plaque? Much to the chargin of dentists out there, the composition and origin... Continue Reading →

Dental Hygeine among Neandertals some 60,000 years ago

From Christine Kenneally and John Hawks comes this cool finding of two Neandertal molars from around 63,400 years old that show our relatives may have been dental hygiene fans, The teeth have "grooves formed by the passage of a pointed object, which confirms the use of a small stick for cleaning the mouth," Paleontology Professor... Continue Reading →

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