An Attempt At A Morphological Reassessment Of The Teshik-Tash Neandertal Child

Michelle Glantz, Sheela Athreya, and Terrence Ritzman have taken up yet another a reassessment of Teshik-Tash Neandertal child in the latest issue of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. They've published the paper under the title, "Is Central Asia the Eastern Outpost of the Neandertal Range? A Reassessment of the Teshik-Tash Child." The child, Teshik-Tash... Continue Reading →

Whoa, Neandertals were in Uzbekistan and Siberia

Thanks to the very helpful readers who have sent me a copy of the latest from Pääbo and crew, “Neanderthals in central Asia and Siberia.” I've read it, and it is a pretty good paper with solid methods. This study is important because it compliments paleoanthropology with molecular biology to fill in discrepancies with using... Continue Reading →

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