Debunking Toba Catastrophe Theory

One of the most popular posts here is Tim Jones' post, published almost 11 years ago on the Toba Eruption. Toba Catastrophe Theory was proposed first by Stanley Ambrose. Henry Harpending popularized it. In a nutshell, a genetic bottleneck has been observed in Homo sapiens occurring approx. 70,000 years ago that temporally correlated with a massive... Continue Reading →

Newly Discovered Archaeological Sites In India Reveals Ancient Life Before Toba

Toba folks, I know this is not a very credible source, in fact some of the facts they present are inconsistent and confusing. Furthermore, I've never heard of the Malaysian National News Agency, Bernama. But either way there's a news article they are running that may interest you. "Newly discovered archaeological sites in southern and... Continue Reading →

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