This has been done before using H. pylori as a model, but it is remarkable nonetheless to see how innovative researchers are in using different models to track human migration patterns... this time with HSV 1 or human simplex virus 1. For the study, which is published in the open access journal PLoS ONE, the... Continue Reading →

Do Archaeologists Care About the Living?

Do archaeologists care about the living? Yes, but like all people, we focus on those aspects of a story that are of greatest interest to us. That’s why I have tuned out much of the news coming out of Egypt over the last few weeks. I casually skimmed through articles about the protests, the motivations... Continue Reading →

I Believe in Evolution

Do you believe in evolution?  Forty percent of Americans don't (more on that later).  A student asked me this question on day one of the first introductory anthropology class I ever taught.  I believe that any difficult-to-answer question is a good one, and this one baffled me with its simplicity. Short answer: yes, I believe... Continue Reading →

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