Recovering 1,000 Year Old Viking mtDNA

Today's big anthropological headline is based upon this brand new open access PLoS One paper, "Evidence of Authentic DNA from Danish Viking Age Skeletons Untouched by Humans for 1,000 Years." The paper is written well, has lots of controls, and establishes some protocols on how to recovery ancient DNA. Despite these good things, I think... Continue Reading →

470 Middle Eastern coins from the 7th Century found near Stockholm, Sweden

There's so much anthropology news all of a sudden, I'm gonna do my best to share them with you but I can't promise I'll cover it all. This first tidbit is of an archaeological find from Stockholm's Arlanda airport. Archaeologist Karin Beckman-Thoor tells the BBC News that she and her crew found over 470 coins... Continue Reading →

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