Easter Island Wasn’t Destroyed By War

For centuries, there has been this belief that Rapa Nui suffered a catastrophic population crash, possibly due to war. But there is no scientific evidence to support this idea, say a group of researchers in the latest issue of the journal Antiquity. The authors studied sharpened pieces of obsidian, called mata'a, which look  to the... Continue Reading →

An Assyrian Embassy located in the ‘burbs of ancient Jerusalem

According to this press release, Oded Lipschits from the department of Archaeology in Tel Aviv University has found evidence that Assyrians were establishing 'local administrative centers,' branch offices if you may, that kept tabs on their Judaen vassals. This ain't really surprising finding by itself, from the very start of the Assyrian empire, they have... Continue Reading →

The AAA decides to oppose HTS Anthropology

It has taken the American Anthropological Association (AAA) over a month to respond to the issue of the US Military embedding anthropologists to aide in the war effort. I've commented on this in early October. I support the idea of embedding anthropologists, even though I do not support the wars. I see it as progress... Continue Reading →

US Army is Embedding Anthropologists

I try to keep politics from interfering with this site, but David Rohde's excellent coverage in the New York Times on the Pentagon's new experimental program, the Human Terrain Team, which enlists the help of cultural anthropologists to help tackle the tricky cultural nuances the military is confronting in Iraq and Afghanistan, is something I... Continue Reading →

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